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    Agricultural Engineering : Agriculture for Engineers

Intermediate place of different types of constructive texture format by combination of primary and secondary particles called
A.  Soil density
B.  Particle density
C.  Soil pore space
D.  Soil consistency

Which one of the factor affected the decomposition
A.  Soil fertility
B.  Climate
C.  Soil age
D.  Parent material

Soil reaction is also called.
A.  Soil age
B.  Soil PH
C.  Soil fertility
D.  Soil temperature

The implement of secondary tillage is
A.  MB plough
B.  Clod crusher
C.  Rotary
D.  Subsoiler

Classification based on family of the crop, which family is related to cotton
A.  Graminae family
B.  Leguminous family
C.  Tiliaceae
D.  Malvaceae

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