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    Agricultural Engineering : Agriculture for Engineers

In this classification of crop, the botanical name of the groundnut is
A.  Oriza sativa
B.  Gosspium spp.
C.  Arachis hypea
D.  None of the above

……………is essential for growth of the plants and quantities developments of fruits’
A.  Temperature
B.  Wind
C.  Solar radiation
D.  Humidity

The PH ranging of arid soil is
A.  8.0-8.8
B.  6.0-6.8
C.  6.0-7.0
D.  7.0-7.5

Tarai soil is occurs in
A.  Bihar
B.  Punjab
C.  Gujarat
D.  Karnataka

In the late rite soil,------------ crop are grown
A.  Pear
B.  Coconut
C.  Tea
D.  Litchi

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