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अगर आप महान चीजें नहीं कर सकते तो छोटी चीजों को महान तरीके से करिए |
- नेपोलियन हिल

    Agricultural Engineering : Agriculture for Engineers

Application of fertilizer along with irrigation water is called
A.  Row placement
B.  Pruning
C.  Notching
D.  Fustigation

How many types of methods used in training
A.  2
B.  5
C.  3
D.  4

The judicious removal of parts like leaf, flower, fruits etc to obtain good and qualitative yield
A.  Training
B.  Pruning
C.  Fustigation
D.  Sedimentation

In deciduous plants, when will pruning done
A.  Simmer season
B.  Spring season
C.  Autum season
D.  Winter season

Nicking is
A.  Making a notch below a bud by removing a wedge shaped piece of bark
B.  Making a notch above a bud by removing a wedge shaped piece of bark
C.  A circular ring of bark measuring about 3cm in length is removed
D.  Selection and complete removed of part of the plants

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