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    Agricultural Engineering : Soil Mechanics

Moist density is also called as
A.  Dry density
B.  Density of soil
C.  Saturated density
D.  Bulk density


Specific gravity (G) is

A.  Unit wt. of solid/ Unit wt. of water
B.  Unit wt. of water /unit wt. of Solid
C.  Unit wt. of solid
D.  Unit wt. of water

The soil particles are artificially arranged and packed together into a closer state of contact by mechanical means in order to decrease the porosity of the soil and thus increase its dry density is known
A.  Shear strength
B.  Consolidation
C.  Compaction
D.  Swelling

In field compaction methods, ramming equipments are
A.  Screw wheel, dropping weight internal compaction
B.  Pneumatic, track laying, shed food
C.  Dropping weight, shed food internal combustion
D.  Dropping weight, internal combustion, pneumatic

The property of soil mass pertaining to it sociability to decrease in volume under pressure is known as
A.  Permeability
B.  Consolidation
C.  Compaction
D.  Compressibility

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