Agricultural Engineering : Soil Mechanics


In case of the sand fill behind the retaking wall is saturated with water; the lateral pressure is made of two components

A.  Lateral pressure due to submerged wt. of the soil
B.  Lateral pressure due to water, thus at any depth below the surface
C.  Both
D.  None of these

In the particle size classification, soil are arranged to grain size is
A.  Sand, silt, clay
B.  Clay, silt, loam
C.  Gravel, sand, silt, clay
D.  Sand, silt, clay, loam

Density index and relative compaction is used only for
A.  Cohesion less soil
B.  Frictional soil
C.  Sandy soil
D.  Clay soil

The capacity of large size pycnometr bottle of about
A.  900 ml
B.  1500 ml
C.  1000ml
D.  1200 ml

Sp. Gravity of soil solid is determined by
A.  50 ml density bottle
B.  500 ml flask
C.  Pycnometer
D.  All of the above