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    Agricultural Engineering : Watershed Hydrology

The shape of hydrograph is affected by
A.  Non uniform areal distribution of
B.  Varying rainfall intensity
C.  Shape of the basis
D.  All of the above

Symon rain gauge can also be used for
A.  Measurements of snow fall
B.  Measurements of rainfall
C.  Measurements of run off
D.  Measurements of water flow

A mass curve is the plot of accumulated 
A.  Precipitation and time
B.  Evaporation and time
C.  Transpiration and time
D.  Precipitation

Slop of the mass curve is 
A.  Rainfall intensity
B.  Intensity
C.  Rainfall
D.  Runoff


Isohyets methods computes the

A.  Mean area rainfall
B.  Rainfall
C.  Water table
D.  Moisture content

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