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- लाओत्से

    Quantitative Aptitude : Compound Interest Question & Answer in English (Level-1)

  Level-1 Ques. in 

In what time will Rs.7500 become Rs.8112 at rate of 4 % per annum compounded annually?
A.  2 years
B.  3 years
C.  2.5 years
D.  3.5 years

If Rs.10000 has been lent out at 10 % rate of interest for 3 years, the interest being compounded annually, what is the interest for the third year?
A.  Rs. 1100
B.  Rs. 1150
C.  Rs. 1210
D.  Rs. 1250

The difference between simple interest and compound interest on Rs.1200 for one year at 10 % per annum reckoned half yearly is :
A.  Rs. 2.5
B.  Rs. 3.75
C.  Rs. 3
D.  Rs. 4

The compound interest on Rs.30000 at 7 % per annum is Rs.4347. The period (in years) is :
A.  2 years
B.  2.5 years
C.  3 years
D.  4 years

A certain sum amounts to Rs.7350 in 2 years and to Rs.8575 in 3 years. Find the sum and rate of interest.
A.  Rs. 5500
B.  Rs. 5400
C.  Rs. 5300
D.  Rs. 5200

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