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    Quantitative Aptitude : Percentage Question & Answer in English (Level-1)

  Level-1 Ques. in 

Raman’s salary was decreased by 50% and subsequently increased by 50%. How much percent does he lose?
A.  25%
B.  30%
C.  40%
D.  15%

If 120 is 20% of a number, than 120% of that number will be.
A.  20
B.  120
C.  360
D.  720

If 75% of a number is added to 75, than the result is the number itself. The number is -
A.  50
B.  60
C.  300
D.  400

The difference of two numbers is 20% of the large number. If the smaller number is 20, than the larger  number is.
A.  25
B.  45
C.  50
D.  80

The population of a town increased from 175000 to 262500 in a decade. The average percent increase of population per year is-
A.  4.37%
B.  5%
C.  6%
D.  8.75%

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