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- मार्क ट्वैन

    Banking Awareness Question & Answer in English

Which of the following has most of the bank branches?
A.  Allahabad Bank
B.  HDFC Bank
C.  ICICI Bank
D.  State Bank of India

National stock exchange is located -
A.  New Delhi
B.  Mumbai
C.  Kolkata
D.  Bangalore

Where is the head quarter of world Bank?
A.  America
B.  London
C.  Washington DC
D.  New York

Where is the head quarter of International monetary fund (IMF)?
A.  London
B.  New York
C.  Washington DC
D.  Peris

Where is the head quarter of world Health organization (WHO)?
A.  New York
B.  Jineva
C.  Peris
D.  London