English Language : Error Spoting Question & Answer

SET - 2 : Directions to solve 

Read each sentence carefully to find grammatical error in it. If there is any error, it will be only in one part of the sentence. There are four parts of all sentences denoted by four alternatives A, B, C & D choose the alternative which has error. If there is no error choose the alternative E. (Disregard punctuation error, if any

No Decision can be made / unless / firm data is available / to the committee / No Error.
A.  No Decision can be made
B.  unless
C.  firm data is available
D.  to the committee

Sushma persuaded / her sister / to go with her / on the trip / No Error.
A.  Sushma persuaded
B.  her sister
C.  to go with her
D.  on the trip

Sarita was popular / with her classmates that / she always had same or / the other coming to her house / No Error.
A.  Sarita was popular
B.  with her classmates that
C.  she always had same or
D.   the other coming to her house

Prakash was leading / a happy and leisurely life / after his retirement / form service / No Error.
A.  Prakash was leading
B.  a happy and leisurely life
C.  after his retirement
D.  form service

The number of people / applying was so large / that the college had to / stop issuing application form / No Error.
A.  The number of people
B.  Applying was so large
C.  That the college had to
D.  Stop issuing application form