English Language : Error Spoting Question & Answer

SET - 4 : Directions to solve 

Read each sentence carefully to find grammatical error in it. If there is any error, it will be only in one part of the sentence. There are four parts of all sentences denoted by four alternatives A, B, C & D choose the alternative which has error. If there is no error choose the alternative E. (Disregard punctuation error, if any)

I am very thirsty / give me / little water / to drink / No Error.
A.  I am very thirsty
B.  Give me
C.  Little water
D.  To drink

Nehru was / a great politician / and / a great statesman / No Error.
A.  Nehru was
B.  A great politician
C.  And
D.  A great statesman

The price / of his care is / higher / than your car / No Error.
A.  The price
B.  Of his care is
C.  Higher
D.  Than your car

I am hardly pressed / for time,/ I cannot /accompany you / No Error.
A.  I am hardly pressed
B.  For time,
C.  I cannot
D.  Accompany you

It was difficult / to persuade subas to agree / to read the book / to the blind man / No Error.
A.  It was difficult
B.  To persuade subas to agree
C.  To read the book
D.  To the blind man