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    Mechanical Engineering : Machine Design Question & Answer in English

Which of the following joint is commonly used for joining pipes carrying water at low pressure?
A.  Union joint
B.  Spigot & socket joint
C.  Coupler joint or a socket joint
D.  Nipple joint

A rivet is specified by
A.  Shank diameter
B.  Length of rivet
C.  Type of head
D.  Length of tail

The centre of centre distance between two consecutive rivets in a row is called
A.  Margin
B.  Pitch
C.  Back pitch
D.  Diagonal pitch

Which of the following riveted butt joints with double straps should have the highest efficiency as per Indian boiler regulations?
A.  Single riveted
B.  Double riveted
C.  Triple riveted
D.  Quadruple riveted

The transverse fillet welded joints are designed for
A.  Tensile strength
B.  Compressive strength
C.  Bending strength
D.  Shear strength