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    Reasoning : Analogy Question & Answer in English (Level-2)

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SET - 1 : Direction to solve

In each of the following questions find out the alternative which will replace the questions mark.

Fan: Wings : : Wheel : ?
A.  Round
B.  Moves
C.  Spokes
D.  Air

Success : Failure : : Big : ?
A.  Great
B.  Small
C.  Good
D.  Large

Divorce : Marriage : : False : ?
A.  True
B.  Lie
C.  Fiction
D.  Story

Fire : Ashes : : Explosion : ?
A.  Flame
B.  Death
C.  Debris
D.  Sound

Goat : Bleat : : Dog : ?
A.  Grunt
B.  Bark
C.  Howl
D.  Bray

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