English Language : Comprehension Question & Answer

SET - 2 : Directions to solve 

Read the following passage and answer the questions based on it.

Crude mineral oil comes out of the earth as a thick brown or black liquid with a strong smell. It is a complex mixture of many different substances, each with its own individual qualities. Most of them are combinations of hydrogen and carbon in varying proportions. Such hydrocarbons are also found in other forms such as bitumen, asphalt and natural gas. Mineral oil originates from the carcasses of tiny animals and from plants that live in the sea. Over millions of years, these dead creatures form large deposits under sea – bed and ocean currents cover them with a blanket of sand and slit. As this material hardens, it becomes sedimentary rocks and effectively shuts out the oxygen, so preventing the complete decomposition of the marine deposits underneath. The layers of sedimentary rocks become thicker and heavier. Their pressure produces heat, which transforms the tiny carcasses into crude oil in a process that is still going on today.

Marine deposits under the sea do not get decomposed because they
A.  become rock and prevent oxygen from entering them
B.  are covered by the sand and slit brought by the current
C.  contain a mixture of hydrogen and carbon
D.  are constantly washed by the ocean current

Sedimentary rock leads to the formation of oil deposits because
A.  it becomes hard and forms into rocks which produce oil
B.  its pressure produces heat and turns the deposits of animal carcasses and plants into oil
C.  it turns heavy and shuts out the oxygen
D.  it becomes heavy and hard, and applies pressures to squeeze oil

In order to have mineral oil, hydrogen and carbon are combined in
A.  equal proportions
B.  fixed proportions
C.  varying proportions
D.  the proportion of two and one

The time it takes for the marine deposits to harden into rocks is
A.  a few years
B.  thousands of years
C.  hundreds of years
D.  million of year

The most apt title for the passage is
A.  Crude mineral oil
B.  How sedimentary rock is formed?
C.  How mineral oil is formed?
D.  Marine deposits under the sea