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    Mechanical Engineering : R.A.C. Question & Answer in English

Rating of a domestic refrigerator is of the order of - 
A.  0.1 to 0.3 tonne
B.  2 tonnes
C.  5 tonnes
D.  10 tonnes

Air refrigerator works on .................... cycle
A.  Rankine
B.  Bll-coleman
C.  Reversed Carnot cycle
D.  Both (B) and (C)

The refrigerator capacity of 165 domestic refrigerator is approximately equal to
A.  0.1 tonne
B.  1.15 tonne
C.  5 tonne
D.  8 tonne

Air refrigeration cycle is used in
A.  Domestic refrigeration
B.  Gas liquefaction
C.  Commercial refrigeration
D.  All of the above

In air conditioning of aeroplanes, using air as a refrigerant, the cycle used is reversed ..........cycle.
A.  Otto
B.  Joule
C.  Brayton
D.  Carnot

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