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हमारी सबसे बड़ी कमजोरी हार मान लेना है . सफल होने का सबसे निश्चित तरीका है हमेशा एक और बार प्रयास करना |
- थॉमस ए. एडीसन

    Agricultural Engineering : Irrigation And Drainage Engineering


The process by which liquid water is converted into vapor

A.  Evaporation
B.  Transpiration
C.  Vapor
D.  All of the above


The process by which water vapor leaves the living plant body and enters the atmosphere

A.  Evaporation
B.  Transpiration
C.  Vapor
D.  All of the above

Potential evapotranspiration was suggested by
A.  Thomthwait (1948)
B.  Darcy(1987)
C.  Harrige(1958)
D.  Gorge(1978)


Which of the following instrument is used for measuring evaporation?

A.  Pan evaporometer
B.  Penetrometer
C.  Tentiometer
D.  All of the above

The number of days between irrigation during periods without rainfall
A.  Irrigation frequency
B.  Irrigation interval
C.  Irrigation periods
D.  None of the above

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